Sunday, August 1, 2010

Farmville Bot

Farmville can be considered as the greatest Facebook Game. What it makes great?
- The joy you get when working on crop/animal/tree strategies to be the best
- Interacting with your neighboors and making new friends
- Getting gifts and you can also send one
- Having a villas, paddocks, and cool decorations for your farm

What makes you drive crazy when playing Farmville?
If you are a Farmville player, you know that there's a lot of clicking activity involve in it. If your rushing to level up, then you need to consider clicking thousands a day. And as your level is increasing, it gets even harder.

It can be challenging for the first 25 levels or so, but after that it will be really tough to level up.

2 methods to make leveling faster:
1. You need to make your tractor working, but in order to make it run you need to buy fuel. The free fuel will won’t go far.
2. Use Farmville Bot

Why you would want to automote your farmville?
1. Spending dollars on tractor fuel will not make your job as easy as you think. It will just lessen the clicking you need to do, you will still need to do a lot of it.
2. I think you already heard about farmville cheats? Take note automating farmville is different from cheating. Those cheats always get caught and you might loose your farm.

That’s why automation will be your best choice. It is not illegal cause you will not configure your stats or anything on your farmville, you are still on the right process of leveling and growing your farm. It will just save you a lot of time and a lot of clicking need to be done.

Using farmville bot will make you enjoy most of the best parts in farmville. You will earn coins and XP at a fast rate without much effort needed at your side. You can run it in the background of your computer and just leave it. So you can earn while sleeping or busy with something. This will really make your leveling at a fast phase.

There’s a lot of free software you can download from the internet to automate your farmville task, but I am not a fan of getting free software, Why? There’s a lot of risk getting this free farmville automation software. Sometimes software like this have a injected virus that can infect your computer and in the worst case, it can even gather your facebook info and after a day of using this tools, goodbye facebook account!

As you can see in the video above, that is my favorite bot. I am using it for a few months now and nothing happen to my computer nor to my facebook account.

Farmville Bot
After using it for a few months, I can say that this is the best bot I ever used in farmville and I think many would agree with me.

The most thing that makes me like this is it's ease of use. I am not a techie or internet savy person, I am just a normal facebook user that's why I cannot use those programs that somehow required advanced knowledge to set up.

It can manage your farm in a single click such as harvest, Plant your farm, Plow, animals, trees etc. It can also automatically accomplish ribbons, Obtain neighboors, create unique farms, Manage your gift and many more.

And of course what do most farmville users want, level up faster. If you ever heard about the plow/plant and then destroy trick that can gain you up to 80,000 exp a day!

I almost forgot to mention that this bot can automatically repeat things that you want like planting multiple times while your away or resting.

Overall I recommend this and I want to thank the creator for this wonderful time saving bot.